American Beekeepers

Small Business,
Big Impact

Whenever honey bees are in the news, it seems to pique everyone’s interest. There are just so many issues affecting bees today. It’s up to American beekeepers to deal with these challenges, fighting to keep their bees healthy and strong while creating an environment for hives to thrive. But caring for bees is just the beginning. By using their hives to pollinate crops, beekeepers support all of American agriculture to the sweet, sweet tune of nearly $20 billion a year.

Helping from
Hive to Table

Without our American beekeepers, there would be no local food and no “farm to table.” Bees pollinate around 400 kinds of agricultural plants, creating bigger harvests and lower prices at your local farmers’ market and grocery store. By visiting farms coast to coast, American beekeepers contribute to nearly every meal we eat, both at home and at restaurants. Buying their honey makes this essential job possible.

Keeping Our
Keepers Going

Raw & unfiltered honey is a snapshot of the place it was made, whether that’s Florida groves or Washington forests. Other honeys may be processed, which removes their natural pollens, or blended with foreign honey, making it impossible to know exactly where it’s from. Every bottle of Local Hive™ Honey, no matter where in the U.S. it’s from, is always authentic and made by American beekeepers who help put food on our plates. We support them because they support all of us.