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Welcome to the Local Hive blog, where we’ll share the latest and sweetest in all things honey. From recipes and facts, to partner news and beekeeping tips, we’re doing all we can to spread the love – from our hives to your homes.

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The American Beekeeping Boom

Learn about the 400-year history of beekeeping and honey in the U.S. as a special deep dive for National Honey Month.

The Buzz with Pollinator Week

Types of Bees from A to Z

Learn about all the different kinds of bees out there.

Exactly how much do we need bees?

As nature’s hardest working pollinators, bees do more than we could ever fully appreciate – totally free. Learn about how local honey, bees and beekeepers support our entire food system.

How to Talk to Your Friends About Bees

Learn how you can help spread awareness for bees and pollinators during Pollinator Awareness Week.

How We’re Saving American Honey

Local Hive is preserving the rarest, most unique local honeys from around the country and making them available in our small-batch, limited-run Harvest Reserve series.

The Beauty of Beekeeping

Butterfly Pavilion was founded to conserve pollinators. Beekeepers are an essential part of that mission.

Beekeeping with 2020 American Beekeeping Federation Honey Queen Mary Reisinger

Local Bees Could Use Some Help

Beekeeping in January

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing with Bees

Guide to Celebrity Beekeepers

Get Wild in Your Backyard

How Bees Find the Best Pollen

Beekeeping’s Peak Season

The World’s Smallest Chemists

The A-List Beekeeper

The Start of Beekeeping Season

Why Bees Are Important

Bees are amongst the most important creatures to humans on Earth. These amazing insects pollinate over 80% of all flowering plants. Learn more at Local Hive!