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Lilac, Lemonade & Local Honey Popsicles

Learn how to make lavender and lemonade popsicles with raw & unfiltered Local Hive Honey.

Lunchbox-Ready Honey Recipes

These recipes are perfect for quickly whipping up before a big day at school. School lunch ideas featuring Local Hive raw & unfiltered honey.

Why You Should Be Adding Honey to Your Coffee

Raw & unfiltered local honey can be a better sweetener for coffee than sugar – here’s why.

Charcuterie Boarding with Honey

Raw & unfiltered local honey is an essential part of any charcuterie board, with unique local flavors complementing cheeses, nuts, meats, olives and more.

Homemade Honey Liquid Hand Soap

Easy instructions for making homemade liquid hand soap with raw & unfiltered Local Hive Honey.

Seven Stay-at-Home Activities for Parents & Kids

Keep boredom at bay with these seven fun activities for kids and parents.

A Sweet Sore Throat Salve

Learn to make a sore throat salve with all-natural ingredients, including Local Hive Honey.

Your Honey-fied Beauty Routine

From Cleopatra to the Kardashians, honey has been used to beautify skin for thousands of years and still makes a great beauty hack today.

Taking a Shine to Beeswax

Beeswax can be used to polish and protect your furniture. Learn how to make your own beeswax furniture polish.

Honey Cares for Your Hair

How to use raw & unfiltered honey to protect your hair.

Honey Can Calm a Cough

How to use local, raw & unfiltered honey to treat a cough.

Let’s Face It: Honey Makes a Great Face Mask

A raw honey face mask is easy to make, great for your skin and can save money on skincare.

Summertime Slime

Our raw and unfiltered honey is here to help you get creative again with this local honey slime recipe.

Homemade Pumpkin & Honey Face Mask

Give your complexion a boost with a DIY face mask using Local Hive Honey.