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The American Beekeeping Boom

Learn about the 400-year history of beekeeping and honey in the U.S. as a special deep dive for National Honey Month.

Why Did My Honey Turn Solid?

If you find your raw honey bottle rock hard in the pantry, here’s what to do – and what it says about your honey.

The Science Behind How Honey is Made

Is Honey Good for Weight Loss?

Honey is mostly sugar, but you’d be surprised how it can be part of a healthy diet.

Why We Don’t Bottle Just One Honey

Is Honey a Health Food?

Why You Need a Daily Dose of Honey

The 6 Types of People to Give Honey

How Honey Changes with the Seasons

What to Know Before You Try Local Honey

Pollinator Awareness Week 2020

How many kinds of honey are there?

Is honey safe for dogs?

Is honey keto?

The Difference Between Light and Dark Honey

Local Hive Highlight: Northwest

Where would we be without bees?

Taking the Sting Out of Bee Stings

Turn your Home into a Mini Meadery

Local Hive Highlight: Montana

The Treat That Treats Wounds

Historical Honey: Ancient Egypt

Local Hive Highlight: Florida

Local Hive Highlight: So Cal

Behind the Bee Brain

April Fools, Honey Fans

Is Honey Healthier Than Sugar?

Many people wonder if honey is actually better for you than sugar. Find out the facts from our Honey Doctor, Ron Fessenden, so you can make the right dietary decisions.

The Birds and the Bees of Honeybees

Take a sneak peek into the fascinating world of bee reproduction going on in our hives from coast to coast.

Spotlight on Local Colorado Honey

Local Hive puts a spotlight on their local Colorado raw and unfiltered honey.

Taking the Sting Out of Bee Myths

Local Hive takes the sting out of bee myths and helps determine what's really true about our buzzing friends.

The Sweet Swap: How to Replace Sugar with Honey

Out of all the sugar substitutes, we highly recommend that you replace sugar with raw, unfiltered honey. Learn how much it takes & more here at Local Hive!

The Difference Between Raw Honey & Filtered Honey

With all the different types of honey out there, things can get confusing. At Local Hive, we cover the differences between raw honey vs. regular filtered honey.

4 Unexpected Uses for Local Honey

From health related to food, discover the many different uses of honey!