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The Science Behind How Honey is Made

Is Honey Good for Weight Loss?

Honey is mostly sugar, but you’d be surprised how it can be part of a healthy diet.

Why Local Honey is Stuck in The Past

We think it can change the world. This Local Hive Honey blog explores how our raw & unfiltered local honey radically rethinks our current food system and agriculture.

Exactly how much do we need bees?

As nature’s hardest working pollinators, bees do more than we could ever fully appreciate – totally free. Learn about how local honey, bees and beekeepers support our entire food system.

Why We Don’t Bottle Just One Honey

Local Hive bottles 22 raw & unfiltered local honey varietals because local food can improve the lives of farmers, beekeepers and communities nationwide.

Is Honey a Health Food?

Dr. Ron Fessenden’s book Feed Your Brain First explains how raw & unfiltered honey can benefit your mind, body and metabolism.

Why You Need a Daily Dose of Honey

Eating raw & unfiltered honey throughout the day has benefits for your brain, metabolism and much more.

The 6 Types of People to Give Honey

There’s a local honey varietal for everyone on your nice list. Visit the link in our bio to see our full rundown of why it makes such a sweet gift.

How Honey Changes with the Seasons

The same hive and beekeeper will make different honey throughout the year.

What to Know Before You Try Local Honey

Every local honey is unique. Here’s what you need to know to really enjoy them.

Pollinator Awareness Week 2020

Learn about the dangers facing our pollinators and what you can do to help.

The Key to Working and Parenting from Home? Ditch the Tips and Tricks

It’s hard to be a parent right now. But it’s even harder to be a kid.

How many kinds of honey are there?

There’s more to honey than just what’s on the label.

Is honey safe for dogs?

Your dog would love a lick of honey, but should you let it?

Is honey keto?

Find out if honey is keto friendly and whether or not you can eat it on a low-carb diet here at Local Hive!

The Difference Between Light and Dark Honey

Learn how one beehive can make totally different kinds of honey.

How to Eat Local in 2020: Part II

More tips on how to eat more local food in 2020 from Local Hive Honey.

How to Eat Local in 2020: Part I

Learn how to eat more local food in 2020, whether that be honey, produce or meat.

Get Better Sleep with Raw Honey

Check out our guide to getting a great night’s sleep, featuring raw and unfiltered local honey.

Local Hive Highlight: Northwest

This dark-colored local honey is sure to brighten up any breakfast or snack it’s paired with.

Mind Your Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles have many benefits – but which ones are real, and which ones are sugar-coated?

How Bees Find the Best Pollen

Learn how bees communicate in order to find the best pollen near their hive.

Taking the Sting Out of Bee Stings

What to do after you get stung by a bee.

Turn your Home into a Mini Meadery

With summer wrapping up, take advantage of the juicy berries by brewing up a batch of Blackberry Mead made with our local, raw and unfiltered honey.

Local Hive Highlight: Montana

Thanks to our local bees and their keepers, alfalfa and clover come together to bring you our humble yet hearty Local Hive Montana honey.

The Treat That Treats Wounds

Before you reach for the antibiotic ointment to cure those cuts and burns, consider using our soothing sidekick—local honey.

Historical Honey: Ancient Egypt

Honey is one of the oldest culinary & medicinal ingredients. In this little history lesson, learn about how Ancient Egyptians used honey for a variety of purposes.

Local Hive Highlight: Florida

Find out what makes raw & unfiltered local honey from Florida so special.

Local Hive Highlight: So Cal

Find out what makes raw & unfiltered local honey from Southern California so special.

Behind the Bee Brain

What makes a bee’s brain tick? Learn about the relationship between a bee’s mind and a hive’s.

April Fools, Honey Fans

Learn some foolish quasi-facts about raw and unfiltered local honey for April Fools’ Day.

Is Honey Healthier Than Sugar?

Many people wonder if honey is actually better for you than sugar. Find out the facts from our Honey Doctor, Ron Fessenden, so you can make the right dietary decisions.

The Birds and the Bees of Honeybees

Take a sneak peek into the fascinating world of bee reproduction going on in our hives from coast to coast.

Spotlight on Local Colorado Honey

Local Hive puts a spotlight on their local Colorado raw and unfiltered honey.

Taking the Sting Out of Bee Myths

Local Hive takes the sting out of bee myths and helps determine what's really true about our buzzing friends.

The Sweet Swap: How to Replace Sugar with Honey

Out of all the sugar substitutes, we highly recommend that you replace sugar with raw, unfiltered honey. Learn how much it takes & more here at Local Hive!

The Difference Between Raw Honey & Filtered Honey

With all the different types of honey out there, things can get confusing. At Local Hive, we cover the differences between raw honey vs. regular filtered honey.

4 Unexpected Uses for Local Honey

From health related to food, discover the many different uses of honey!