Rice Family Apiaries

Welcome to Rice Family Apiaries where we are working hard to make sure the bees not only survive, but thrive.

As part of that mission, we have become a Mann Lake distributor to support our community beekeepers, both hobbyist and professionals – feel free to stop by and check out our beekeeping supplies at our bottling facility located at 3331 W 29th St Greeley, CO 80631.

We are currently stocking 10 frame equipment and have complete setups to start your new hive.

If you are looking for something specific that we are currently not carrying, we can place a special order and have it delivered.

The benefits of beekeeping can be a very rewarding hobby. Beekeepers not only get the local surrounding gardens pollinated but they also get to enjoy the honey.

As you likely know, the honey bee is very hard working and has brought us terms such as, “busy as a bee.”  A bee works so hard during their short life gathering nectar for the hive to feed themselves and baby bee larva that they actually wear out their wings in a 30 to 60 day window, and after that, are unfortunately no longer useful to the colony and die. Although bees store honey to feed themselves when the flowers are not in bloom, they store significantly more honey than they will ever need and that's where the beekeeper comes in to collect the honey, thus creating more room in the hive for the bees to continue storing more honey.

Not known to a lot of people, but honey comes in different colors and flavors. Seeing as how different flowers have different scents it will cause the nectar to smell and taste different than another honey. Depending on the soil that the flowers are growing in can determine the color and the taste of the honey as well. Lastly, even the quality of the comb itself can affect the color and taste of the honey.  Not limited to, but honey usually appears in red, golden, and green hues.

If you are considering the hobby of beekeeping, you will need to check your local laws for keeping bees in your area. Also take into consideration if you are planning on selling the honey, there are government guidelines you have to follow for handling food products and the bee products being sold.



  • **We do FREE swarm removals.
  • If you see a swarm, please contact us right away.
  • Swarms won’t stay out in the open very long.
  • If the swarm is out in the open hanging from an object like a fence, table, branch, or even on a car, we can come remove these from our local area for free. We will give the bees a good home in one of our hives and place it where there is plenty of food for them.

**We do FREE swarm removals if there is a visual and accessible ball of bees outside and from our local area.  If the swarm has moved into a structure and there is not a ball of bees outside then there will be a charge for our time depending on how much work will need to be done. An average structure removal will take a minimum of 2 hours starting at $75 per hour and you will be responsible for any repairs after the removal.

For specific questions on your swarm

Contact: Bill Shoup 970-388-1254



If you would like Rice Family Apiaries to place beehives on your land, in summary, we will need to make sure there is enough food for the bees, a safe environment away from crop pesticide spraying and the proper natural landscape of bee friendly wildflowers of all kinds.

We will need a flat level space approximately 100’ x 100’ with driving access.

For a complete list of requirements, hive placement timing, benefits and more

Contact: Bill Shoup 970-388-1254