3 Sweet Honey Recipes from @nomaste.hungry

Honey Do's

Morgan AKA @nomaste.hungry is a photographer, blogger and recipe creator who really knows how to use honey. She created these 3 delicious recipes featuring each of the varietals you’ll find in our Harvest Reserve Gift Box: Oregon Blackberry, Washington Raspberry, and Cali Citrus Blossom.

These easy recipes really bring out the best in each varietal, letting those unique sweet flavors shine through and complement a range of salty, tangy, and umami flavors. Yum? Yum.

Enough talk. Let’s dig in!


Apple Cider Sangria


Sangria is essentially a blend of wine with a brandy or liquor, tossed with fruit. We add in apples at the end as a garnish, but because we use apple cider and honey, we don't need to muddle any fruit. It's deliciously sweet as it is!

White wine: Morgan used a pinot grigio, but a chardonnay works great too.

Apple Cider: Morgan used a 100% organic gala apple cider.

Grand Marnier: This adds a little more flavor and of course, more alcohol.

Honey: This cocktail won't be the same without honey, so explore our website or find them at your local Whole Foods to really make this cocktail sing.

Check out the Honey Apple Cider Sangria recipe from Nomaste Hungry here.


Pumpkin Honey Waffles

Yes, you can bake with honey. And you’ll be glad you did. Honey is a natural sweetener alternative to sugar. Using honey in baking or cooking brings the sweetness and helps retain moisture, so say goodbye to dry, crumbly baked goods! Adding the sweet, slightly tart Local Hive Washington Raspberry honey really makes all difference here.

Check out the Pumpkin Honey Waffles recipe from Nomaste Hungry here.


Sticky Honey Chicken 

Honey’s not just for breakfast anymore. This easy weeknight meal sweetens up your chicken with a gooey glaze. It’s like orange chicken, but different — in a good way. Try spicing it up with some sriracha or garnishing with some scallion greens if you’re feeling fancy.

Check out the Sticky Chicken recipe from Nomaste Hungry here.

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