Introducing Local Hive Honey Hot Sauce


After 100 years of bottling 100% U.S. honey, we decided it was finally time to stir things up in a big way.

See, Local Hive works with hundreds of beekeepers across the country to ensure that there's always a market for their honey. By purchasing locally harvested honeys, blending & bottling them, and making them available nationwide, we help beekeepers keep on pollinating from coast to coast.

So, we've made it our mission to find even more new and innovative ways to bring honey to, well, everyone. Even people who don't normally shop for honey. sauce people.

So, we took a trip to the grocery store.

Honey has always been our favorite condiment, (some might even call it a sauce, or just "nature's nectar") so, as we started scanning the grocery aisles for more uses for honey, we looked among the other sauces and condiments.

Honey mustard? Been done.

Honey BBQ sauce? Seen it.

Honey ketchup? Honey Worcestershire? Honey mayo? ...maybe some other time.

Soon, we stumbled on what looked like the perfect opportunity: hot sauce. In a sea of spicy, burn-your-mouth sauces, there was nothing with both heat and sweet flavors.

But we didn't stop there. We got in the kitchen and whipped up seven different kinds of honey hot sauce — all made with Local Hive's 100% U.S. honey.


Original Honey Hot Sauce

A classic jalapeño-vinegar hot sauce, with some honey sweetness added to round out the flavor.

Cayenne Honey Hot Sauce (with Southeast honey)

A Southern-style hot sauce with a sweet twist​. But don't sweat the "cayenne" pepper. This sweet heat sauce is just a little hot.

Mango Habanero Honey Hot Sauce

A sweet, citrusy sauce with some kick. — but not too much.

Hatch Chile Honey Hot Sauce (with Southwest honey)

A smoky-sweet, Southwestern-style sauce.​ 2.5/5 heat. 5/5 flavor.

Chipotle Honey Hot Sauce (with Texas honey)

A rich, smoky almost-BBQ sauce with just a hint of heat.

Habanero Honey Hot Sauce 

A classic habanero hot sauce mellowed out with honey sweetness.

Sriracha Honey Hot Sauce

A sweet twist on everyone's favorite Asian-style sauce., with a craveable garlicky heat.

Feeling hungry? Local Hive Honey Hot Sauce is now on shelves in-store and online at Whole Foods — and right here on our site.

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