National Honey Month 2019


National Honey Month is kind of a big deal for honeyheads like us. It’s an entire month dedicated to the stuff we geek out about 24/7, when even Uncle Sam – or, more specifically, the USDA – helps spread the word about the hundreds of varietals of honey made right here in the USA. All through September, you can expect, well, more of the same from Local Hive: keen insight into nature’s sweetest gift. September was deemed National Honey Month in 1989 by the National Honey Board and US Department of Agriculture. The choice of September for National Honey Month was no accident: it’s the biggest honey harvesting month of the year in the United States. September is also a bustling time of year for bees. As the temperature drops below 60 degrees – which, in the South, can be well after September – bees secure their hives, stockpile honey and get ready to bundle up for the long winter ahead.

Despite its name, National Honey Month is about much more than just honey. It’s a critical time of year for pollinator awareness, which is no doubt why the US Department of Agriculture declared it a national month. Pollination by honey bee colonies adds at least $15 billion to the value of US agriculture every year, thanks to increased yields and harvests of fruits, vegetables and nuts.

If you’ve heard the call of the bees and want to get involved during National Honey Month, here are a few simple ways:

  • Buy raw & unfiltered local honey from local beekeepers here in the US
  • Plant wildflowers, which provide pollen that honey bees use to make honey
  • Donate to PACE: Pollinator Awareness through Conservation and Education. They’re a global initiative led by Butterfly Pavilion to promote habitat and species conservation. A portion of proceeds from each bottle of Local Hive also goes toward the support of PACE.

During National Honey Month, we’ll be celebrating all things local honey over on our Facebook page. Every Friday, starting today, we’ll select five winners to receive a box filled with three Local Hive honeys from the regions of their choosing. Just “like” each Friday’s post, comment with the regions you’d love to try, and maybe throw a “#NationalHoneyMonth” in there too for good measure. Good luck and happy National Honey Month!

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