The 6 Types of People to Give Honey

Honey Facts

It’s been a busy year, so we’re all still catching up on our gift giving. Fortunately, raw & unfiltered honey can be the perfect, thoughtful gift for most anyone on your list. Here are the 6 types of people that could definitely use some sweet honey this holiday season.

The Athlete

There’s bound to be someone on your list who’s starting their New Year’s resolution a little early – or maybe they actual kept up with last year’s. Honey can help them hit the gym and get more out of their workout. Since honey is made of simple sugars – fructose and glucose – it’s the perfect source of quick energy. A few carbs before a workout, during a long run, or after can help your body recover quickly. For the honey-loving athlete who’s always on their feet, we recommend our honey packets, which make it easy to bring a squeeze of honey on the go.

The Foodie

Food blogger, home chef, cheese geek or wine mom, there’s a raw & unfiltered honey for them. If they’re into food, there’s a good chance they’ll have the palate to appreciate the subtle floral notes in honey. Since bees use whatever pollen and nectar they can find nearby, every batch of honey they make tastes a little different. In our coastal varietals like So Cal, you can taste hints of citrus, while northern varietals like New England, you can taste a bit of berry pollen. Gift honey and your foodie friend can easily create sweet, multilayered charcuterie boards or thoughtful pairings with wines and fruits.

The Floridian

People from Florida are so obsessed with honey, we made a varietal just for them. Okay, we’ll admit, we’re pulling your leg. We bottle 21 unique, local varietals from the Sunshine State clear through to Seattle. No matter where your giftee’s from, you can give them local honey from right down the road or an exotic taste from across the states.

The Stress Baker

There’s something calming about slowly, methodically producing a loaf of bread or batch of cookies – and there’s a good chance someone close to you took up baking this year. Help them on their culinary journey with local honey, which makes a healthier sugar replacement. Try our Clover honey for a simple, all-around-good sweetness or our Great Lakes varietal for a light, bright sweetness that easily complements baked goods.

The Coffee Nut

Bags of coffee make a nice gift, but half the time, they just end up sitting in the freezer until the bean supply is running dry. Local honey is an easy way to mix up your coffee-lovers’ usual gift. Each raw & unfiltered varietal has a distinct flavor, so they can customize their coffee to dial in the perfect cup. Not to mention, honey doesn’t cause the same sugar crash that table sugar does, making it perfect sweetener to wake up with. Try gifting our Texas or Oregon varietals, each with a distinct sweetness that can balance coffee’s bitter flavors.

The All-Naturalist

We all have someone on our gift list who’s all organic, all the time. Whether it’s the cotton in their clothes or the scents in their shampoo, they’re looking for a clean label, which can make it harder to find a special surprise gift. Raw & unfiltered local honey might be right up their alley. It’s always pure, USDA Grade A honey, bottled just the way the bees made it. And it’s made by local beekeepers who provide the best possible care for their bees all year long, whether they’re up in the chilly Midwest or the swampy Southeast.

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