The Local Hive Gift Guide

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Prepare your taste buds for the sweetest gift guide you’ll see all season. We’ve compiled our favorite honey-related gifts and ideas so you can easily check off every sweet tooth on your list.

For a honey aficionado such as yourself, try a cute, glass honey dispenser. Since honey never expires, it’s the perfect food to keep in a handy decorative container. This honeycomb-patterned jar has an airtight seal, so your giftee’s honey will stay fresh well beyond next year’s holiday season.

If you’re looking for kitchenware with more of a classic ceramic look, you could try gifting a honey pot. This hand-painted, beehive-shaped version will look right at home on any cozy countertop.

If you have family across the country, consider getting each family member a jar of local honey from their neck of the woods. We’ve literally got options from coast to coast and corner to corner. And for friends who’ve moved, a jar of local honey from back home can be a sweet, thoughtful present. Check out our online shop, where you can see all of our varietals in a range of sizes and easily ship them nationwide.

For the sophisticated foodies, hosts and hostesses on your list, you can send a dinner-party ready ensemble by pairing a jar of raw & unfiltered honey with complementary foods:

– Olive oil and jam (Pairs nicely with our dark varietals.)

– Brie cheese (Contrast savory flavors with one of our citrus varietals.)

– Figs and nuts (Elevate their sweetness with a complex varietal.)

In the past, we’ve blogged about how honey can protect and exfoliate your skin. Well now, there are beauty companies making products with honey baked right in, like this pack of honey soap or the many inventive honey skincare products out there. Your age-defying great-aunt or sunscreen-slathering bestie will definitely appreciate a faceful of raw honey for their skincare routine.

You could also check out beeswax candles, which technically don’t have honey in them, but have a natural faintly sweet smell and are 100% made by bees. They make a great gift that says just a little more than a typical candle.

Finally, for those always-chic, always-hard-to-shop-for fashionistas, there’s a whole range of bee handbags out there. Seriously, bee fashion is having a moment in every style from vintage activist chic to the reimagined Gucci Queen Margaret bag.

No matter who you’re shopping for, you’ve got plenty of sweet options – all thanks to the hardworking local bees and beekeepers around the country.

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