4 Unexpected Uses for Local Honey

Honey Facts

Honey, with its sweet flavor and long shelf-life, is the perfect pantry staple to keep on hand for stirring up a tasty treat. What most people don’t know, however, is that the sticky sweetener is just as handy outside the kitchen. To help you get the most buzz out of every bottle, the team of experts at Local Hive has compiled a short and sweet-as-nectar list of our favorite honey hacks.

Head-to-Toe Healing

Raw and unfiltered honey is rich in antioxidants and has countless benefits for the skin. Mix it with yogurt, olive oil and lemon to create a soothing facemask, gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. According to Women’s Health, honey can exfoliate dry skin, spot-treat scars and acne, promote nail growth and condition hair – just make sure to rinse it out afterwards! With all these healing properties, honey’s right at home on your beauty counter and your kitchen counter, too.

Sweet, Sweet Sleep

We get it, you’re a busy bee. When you’re winding down for the night, honey may be just the nectar you need for sweet dreams. According to Dr. Ron Fessenden, author of The Honey Revolution and Honey Doctor here at Local Hive, the glycogen in raw and unfiltered honey helps re-stock your liver, providing a full night of uninterrupted sleep. Plus, the honey’s natural sugar raises your insulin, allowing tryptophan to reach your brain and making it easier to catch some Z’s. Put simply honey can help you drift off to sleep – naturally.

Healthy Home Remedy

For centuries, honey has been thought to cure sore throats, but is it true? In a Mayo Clinic study, honey was shown to be an effective method for relieving sore throats and coughing, performing even better than some over-the-counter medications. Next time you’re suffering from a sore throat or cold, two teaspoons of honey may be just the treat – and treatment – you need.

Fuel Up and Fly

Time to trade in all those gummies, bars and drinks for a bottle of your favorite raw and unfiltered honey. Studies have shown that a tablespoon of honey before a workout can boost athletic performance, helping you train harder. Dr. Fessenden says it’s the perfect energy source before, during, and after exercise. So, no matter how it fits into your workout routine, honey can help you stick to your goals.

What is honey used for? In short, everything. It never expires and never stops surprising us with new benefits. Whether it’s for beauty, health or a pick-me-up, you can turn to Local Hive Honey for a sweet solution, made right in your backyard.

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