The Guide to Local Honey Gift Boxes


Over the years, more than any other fan request, we’ve been asked to start making honey flights. After all, there’s no better way to really compare the richness of raw & unfiltered honeys than side by side.

Finally, our Local Honey Gift Boxes are here, and you can gift that special someone three of our most distinctly sweet honeys in a special gift box.

Each box is hand-selected to feature a flight of honeys from across the U.S.A. that allows the recipient to experience the rich, unique flavors in every bottle. Plus, it comes with pairing suggestions, a koozie, honey dipper and more. You can even create your own flight.

This guide breaks down each flight so you can get the one that’s most meaningful to your recipient. Shop all our Local Honey Gift Boxes here.

Coast to Coast

If you’re going to have a flight of something – chocolate, wine, cheese, anything – the first rule is to have a bunch of different kinds. It’s no fun if they all taste the same. In that spirit, our Coast to Coast gift box includes local honeys from clear across the U.S.: So Cal, New England and Midwest.

So Cal’s citrus pollen gives it a hint of tang. New England’s berry pollens give it a warm, rich flavor. And Midwest’s, well, it’s just about perfect, with a neutral, light sweetness that complements everything it touches, from crackers to fruit to cheese. If you’re not sure if your recipient has quite the palate to appreciate local honey, this box is the way to go.

The Great Divide

Rich, memorable flavors await in every drop of The Great Divide gift box. These three raw & unfiltered local honeys – So Cal, Washington, and Great Lakes – are among our best sellers every season. So naturally, we had to create a gift box that featured them. You can visit each of these places, but it’s something else to taste them.

So Cal is medium-bodied, with a hint of citrus. Washington is rich, with and earthy sweetness. Great Lakes is as smooth and bright as they come. This gift box brings to life the breadth and beauty of the diverse climates that occur on either side of the Continental Divide.

Over the Hills

Bees can make honey just about anywhere flowering plants grow. And the honey they make truly reflects that local character. Our Over The Hills gift box features local honeys from three of our nation’s mountain ranges: the Rockies, Appalachians, and Blue Ridge Mountains. These unique areas make for uniquely sweet honeys.

Our Colorado honey is the one that started it all for our company. Long a fan favorite, it’s light and smooth with a hint of cinnamon. Our Northeast honey is richly flavorful, with a darker color and bolder, lingering notes. Our Southeast honey has a warm, lingering sweetness. Together, they reach peak flavor.

Northwest Passage

Colorado – our home state – isn’t quite a part of the Pacific Northwest. But we feel a certain spiritual connection to the region. Maybe that’s just because of the fantastic honey that comes out of it. The honeys in our Northwest Passage gift box – Nor Cal, Washington, and Northwest – all hail from the PNW.

While they’re geographically close, these honeys have remarkable different flavors thanks to their local pollens. Nor Cal’s berry, sage and citrus pollens give it layers of flavor that will keep you coming back for another spoonful. Northwest and Washington have earthy, woodsy, complex sweetness that’s right at home in a local favorite delicacy: granola.

While everyone loves the sweet taste of local honey, we particularly recommend the Northwest Passage for the gourmands and foodies on your nice list.

Warm Welcome

All the way across the country, the honeys are a world apart. The southern local honeys you’ll find in our Warm Welcome gift box – Southwest, Texas and Southeast – hail from places where the harvest season is long and sunny. This gives the bees months and months to go out collecting pollen, and the resulting honey is full of flavor and a variety of local pollens.

Our Southwest local honey (harvested in Arizona and New Mexico) has a quick-hitting, almost-cedar-tasting finish, while our Texas honey is darker, with a robust sweet flavor. Our Southeast honey is features two of the most delicious pollen sources for local honey: basswood and citrus.

Side by side, these honeys show the sweet reward that comes from American beekeepers harvesting in the hot sun. Their flavors are instantly familiar, but rich enough to keep you wanting more. Any Southerner will instantly appreciate them – especially in a tall glass of sweet iced tea.

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