The Treat That Treats Wounds

Honey Facts

Barbecues, bonfires and biking are just a few of our favorite summer activities. Although we’d love to pretend those long summer days are always perfect, the reality is, accidents are bound to happen. Grillers get burned, campers call for help and bikers lose their balance. Before you reach for the antibiotic ointment to cure those cuts and burns, consider reaching into your pantry instead.

We know that adding a spoonful of the sweet stuff to hot tea does wonders for sore throats, but the same bacteria-busting properties can heal scrapes from summer mishaps, too. Honey has been the treat that treats wounds since ancient times, acting as a protective patch on exposed cuts and burns. Our raw, unfiltered honey is great on pretty much everything from toast to fried chicken, and possibly even better as a bandage.

Honey has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that fight off infection, making it one of nature’s most helpful healers. Its unique pH balance, lack of moisture and enzymes form a germ-killing team, producing infection-fighting hydrogen peroxide and sealing your skin for a smooth recovery.

Ready to swap out your go-to wound dressing for honey? Here’s how to do it.

First, wash your hands and the wound as you would normally. Then, smear a thin layer of honey over the harmed area and cover with a fresh gauze or adhesive bandage. Let the honey work its magic for about twelve hours or until drainage occurs, then take the dressing off and clean with a saline solution. Reapply until your bee bandage gets the job done. These steps come together to form an FDA-approved barrier against bacteria for a rapid recovery from those stubborn cuts, burns and sores. Not only is honey known to speed up the healing process, but it has proven to reduce pain and scarring.

Sweet but tough, honey is here to help. Don’t let scrapes stop you from soaking in the summer fun. Stock your first-aid kit with sweetness so you don’t find yourself in a sticky situation when adventures turn into accidents. Thanks to our bee friends, you can let the good times roll while honey does the healing.

If you have questions around the benefits of raw & unfiltered honey, email for more information.

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