Wildflower Blend





Local Hive Wildflower Raw & Unfiltered Honey is a blend of sweet and rich 100% U.S. wildflower honey that stays true to the blooming flowers our bees chose. The result is an unforgettable, sweet, all-American honey.

Honeybees visit a variety of flowers in their native regions, collecting all kinds of sweet, fragrant nectars to make this polyfloral honey. Our premium wildflower honey is harvested and bottled raw to preserve the flavor in every batch. Its mild, sweet flavor makes it a great natural replacement for sugar.

We bottle this raw & unfiltered honey so you can taste every drop just the way the bees made it.

  • 100% US Honey
  • Always raw & unfiltered
  • Honey sourced from American bees and beekeepers 
  • Bottled at Local Hive HQ in Greeley, Colorado

Pricing for cases includes a 15% discount already applied.

Do not feed to children under the age of one.

*Orders will ship within 5 business days.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts


Nutritional Info:

Serv. Size: 1 Tbsp (21g)
Per Serving:
Calories: 60
Fat Cal: 0g
Total Fat: 0g
Sodium: 0mg
Total Carb: 17g
Sugars: 16g
Protein: 0g
Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.