Local Hive’s Holiday Honey Social Giveaway


This holiday season, we’re making things a little extra sweet for our honey-loving fans with weekly opportunities to win bottles of Local Hive honey.

Every Friday on the Local Hive Facebook page, we’ll be posting about our Holiday Honey Giveaway. You’ll know it when you see it; just look for one of our unique honeys paired with a festive holiday theme.

All you need to do to enter the Holiday Honey Giveaway is “like” the post when you see it on Friday, then comment which three Local Hive honeys you’d love to try. We’ll pick five comments at random and give you a buzz on Facebook if you’re one of the lucky winners. There will be 20 chances to win throughout December, so keep checking out our Facebook page every Friday for more opportunities to win.

Our hives produce a wide variety of honey all over the U.S., from our rich, Northwest honey to the hit-single-inspiring tupelo notes in Florida. We’ve got honey made right in your backyard and 17 other varietals made in hives around the country by local bees and keepers.

We’re excited to share some holiday sweetness with you, but just because it’s our giveaway doesn’t mean you can’t give away a few bottles, too. Local Hive honey makes a great gift for foodies and a sweet surprise for any chef. Just make sure you save your favorite varietal for yourself. Or you might just want to keep them all, because once you get a taste, you’ll have no problem finding enough recipes and uses for honey.

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