Sweet-Heat Street Corn Elotes


Whether you call it street corn, elotes or corn on the cob, you know the flavor: sweet, spicy, warm and craveable. There's nothing else quite like a homemade side of corn.

The only thing that could possibly improve everyone's favorite summer grilling side?

Sweet heat.

Specifically, the sweet, smoky, hatch chile pepper goodness found in every drop of Local Hive Hatch Chile Honey Hot Sauce.

A Batch of Hatch

This sweet-heat hot sauce is proof that some things get sweeter with age. It's a blend of smoky aged hatch chiles and Local Hive Southwest — a honey blend sourced from throughout the Southwest region of the U.S. This gives it a complex sweet flavor: smoky, fruity, floral and bright, all at the same time.

Local Hive Hatch Chile hot sauce is just a bit spicy, balanced out with plenty of sweetness from the 100% U.S. honey inside. This makes it the perfect sauce for way more than just these street corn elotes. You'll love it on:

  • Eggs (especially huevos rancheros)
  • Mexican food of all kinds
  • Queso
  • Burrito bowls

Sweet-Heat Street Corn Elotes Recipe


Sweet corn on the cob

Queso Fresco

Lime juice



Local Hive Hatch Chile Honey Hot Sauce


Grill corn until it develops a nice char. If you leave the husks on, make sure they don't catch on fire. (Kitchen hack: if you have a gas stove, you can "grill" corn on the grates of your stove.)

While corn cooks, remove cilantro leaves from stems.

Once corn is finished grilling, roll each ear in mayonnaise.

Squeeze lime juice over each ear. Sprinkle with Tajin, then queso fresco, then cilantro.

Top with a drizzle of Local Hive Hatch Chile Honey Hot Sauce. Serve warm.

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