Local Honey Products

All of our honey is local, raw & unfiltered, and 100% pure – nothing added, nothing removed – preserving the natural nutrients found in our different floral sources. Just local honey, straight from hive to home – wherever your home may be.

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Floral Notes

Alfalfa, Clover, & Wildflowers

Pure as the driven snow and pollinated by the plains East of the Rockies, our Local Colorado honey is light – but rich – with a long floral finish.

Central Coast

Floral Notes

Alfalfa, Citrus, Clover, & Sage

Delicate in texture, our Central Coast is anything but delicate in flavor. It has a sweet, almond start, before finishing with a short, silky citrus hint.
(only available in 48oz)


Floral Notes

Brazilian Pepper, Citrus, Clover, Gallberry, & Tupelo

Although dark in color, our Florida honey tastes as if it’s soaked in sunshine. As eccentric as the state itself, its flavor tastes sweet, sour, and just a touch bitter.

Great Lakes

Floral Notes

Alfalfa, Aster, Basswood, Clover, & Goldenrod

Like the waters on a calm spring morning, our Great Lakes honey is silky and smooth. Its flavor is sweet at first, with a medium, natural tasting finish.


Floral Notes

Aster, Clover & Tallow

Our Louisiana honey is as rich in character as it is in flavor. But don’t let its sweet, smooth nature fool you – its still got some spice to it.


Floral Notes

Alfalfa, Basswood, Clover & Sunflower

From nectar nestled between the Appalachians and Rockies, our Midwest honey has a sweet start and floral finish, with just a hint of cinnamon.


Floral Notes

Alfalfa & Clover

Rolling down from the northern Rockies, our Montana honey is our mildest varietal. It's light in color and flavor, with an almost cinnamon sweetness.
(only available in 48oz)

New England

Floral Notes

Clover, Basswood, Berries, & Goldenrod

Pollinated by the Northeastern winds, our New England honey is light in color, as it is in flavor. It has a sweet, delicate taste, and a fine, smooth finish.

Nor Cal

Floral Notes

Alfalfa, Berries, Clover, & Sage

Much like its climate, our Nor Cal honey has a flavor that is warm and mild. It tastes a bit bitter at first, then floral, before finally finding its sweetness.


Floral Notes

Alfalfa, Aster, Berries, Clover, & Goldenrod

One of our more complicated flavor profiles, our Northwest honey has a nutty flavor with vanilla notes and a long, strong finish.


Floral Notes

Alfalfa, Berries, Clover, Goldenrod

Following the nature of the rolling hills, our Northeast honey’s flavor flows from sweet to floral, with a finish that is slightly bitter – never better.

So Cal

Floral Notes

Alfalfa, Berries, Citrus, Clover, & Sage

Freshly pollinated from the California citrus groves, our So Cal honey has a medium sweetness and short bite, followed by a lingering orange flavor.


Floral Notes

Alfalfa, Clover, Mesquite & Sunflower

Despite the arid terrain, our Southwest honey has a welcoming flavor. Its medium body provides a sweet, smooth flavor with a short, almost cedar finish.


Floral Notes

Basswood, Brazilian Pepper, Citrus, Clover, & Goldenrod

Quite dark in color, our Southeastern honey embodies floral notes from all over the bright, subtropical climate. Its flavor is as intriguing as it is lingering.


Floral Notes

Alfalfa, Clover, Cotton, Horsemint, & Tallow

Smoother than a southern drawl, our Texas honey is a medium-bodied honey with a sweet, floral flavor that lingers before slowly wilting away.


Floral Notes

Alfalfa, Clover, & Wildflowers

Light in color, as it is in flavor, our Utah honey is refreshingly sweet, smooth throughout, and tastes as if it came straight from The Beehive State.


Floral Notes

Alfalfa, Berries, Clover, Rose, & Sunflower

Sprinkled with pollination from the Pacific Northwest, our Washington honey is dark in color with a slightly bitter start and a sweet, molasses-flavored finish.


Floral Notes

Consistently dark, robust and filled with full-bodied flavor.

As our darkest honey, our Authentic Amber is aromatic with a robust, smooth texture. From start to finish, it’s a full-bodied, long-lasting flavor.


Floral Notes

Sweet, flowery flavor with significantly higher pollen counts.

The one that started it all, our Clover honey is truly authentic. It has significantly higher pollen counts, giving it a consistent mild and flowery flavor.


Floral Notes

Of the highest grade, and true to the nectar sources, season to season.

Season to season, our Wildflower honey remains of only the highest grade. It’s a touch sour at first with a sweet finish, and always true to the flowers’ nectar.