The Sweetest Way to Keep Apples from Browning

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This is one of those uses for honey you just can't believe until you try it.

Not only can honey heal cuts, moisturize your face, and make your lips deliciously sweet,

We're always looking for ways to make those school lunches just a little bit fresher. And while there's nothing wrong with an unsliced apple, it's nice to feel like you're saving the kiddos a little bit of effort (and a whole lot of jaw ache) every time you slice an apple for them. 

Alas, sliced apples turn brown. It's just the way of the world. And everyone's got their own trick for preventing it.

Some people use Sprite. Some use lemon juice. And at least one person out there soaks them in saltwater. Yuck – even though it's only 1/2 tsp of salt. But still. A salty apple? Maybe that's just our sweet tooth talking, but no thanks. 

So, while the rest of the world has their ways, as you might expect for a honey company, we prefer to use raw & unfiltered honey.

Here's How We Use Honey to Keep Apple Slices from Browning

Step 1: Tempting as it might be, don't just drizzle honey all over them. Though this would probably work, it's not quite necessary.

Step 2: Start with about 2 cups of warm-ish water: enough to submerge your apple slices in. Add 1-2 TBSP of honey and stir vigorously until dissolved. Then, soak your apple slices for 30-60 seconds. It really shouldn't take too much.

Step 3: Pour out the water and store your apple slices somewhere airtight. You now have apple slices that won't turn brown, all thanks to honey.


Why do apples turn brown anyway?

Apples contain an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase that, when exposed to oxygen, reacts with other chemicals in the apple to produce melanins. It's these melanins that look brown to the naked eye.

But, as we all know, the problem is not really the color of the apple changing. Oxidation changes the texture, flavor, aroma, and even the nutritional value of the fruit, really taking a bite out of the whole experience.

Thankfully, one of the many uses for honey can save the day any time you're craving an apple.

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