Honey Garlic Chicken Wings


Raw & unfiltered honey makes everything it touches better — and that includes chicken wings. These honey garlic wings are the perfect combo of sweet, spicy, and umami. Because, let's be honest: buffalo wings are getting pretty played out. 

Honey garlic wings are a surprising twist on buffalo wings. Instaed of a spicy vinegar flaovr, these are more Asian-inspired, thanks to the garlic, soy sauce, and honey glaze.

This recipe is pretty simple (seriously, we were surprised, too) but If you prefer to watch someone else make it just for that extra culinary confidence boost, head on over to the Local Hive IG and check out our Reel from 4/23/24 to see how it's done.

If you've never made wings at home, don't sweat it. Battering and frying a batch of wings isn't too complicated. Just keep in mind a few tips for making these honey-glazed wings:

  • Make sure you have a wire rack or basket for the wings to rest in after they cook. That way, they can drain off and develop that nice, crispy texture.
  • Dispose of your hot oil properly, either by letting it harden and throwing it in the trash, or following one of these crazy tips for reusing cooking oil that we're too scared to try.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to your dry rub mix — and stir it in good. Baking soda is alkaline, meaning that wings will brown faster and create that crispy, crunchy texture that everybody loves, but no one can quite put a finger on when it comes to wings. Trust us: a little baking soda makes all the difference.

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Honey Garlic Wings Recipe


1/3 cup soy sauce​
1/4 cup Local Hive Honey (we used Colorado)​
6–10 garlic cloves, minced​
1 tbsp ginger, grated​
Red pepper flakes, to taste​
Cornstarch slurry (1:2 ratio water to cornstarch)​
12 wings​
1 cup buttermilk​
2 Tbsp Sriracha powder​
2Tbsp garlic powder​
1 cup flour​
Vegetable oil, for frying​


1. Marinate chicken wings in buttermilk, 1 Tbsp sriracha powder and 1 Tbsp garlic powder for a few hours in the fridge. ​

2. Mix together flour, 1 Tbsp sriracha powder and 1 Tbsp garlic powder. Set aside. ​

3. Drain off excess buttermilk and dredge your wings in the flour mixture. Place each one on a wire rack as you go.​

4. Let the wings sit for around 10 minutes as you heat oil over medium-high.​

5. Carefully drop each wing into hot oil, frying until golden brown all over.​

6. Using tongs, remove each wing from oil, allowing to cool on a drying rack to drain the excess oil.​

7. Combine soy sauce, minced garlic, ginger and honey in a pan over medium heat. Stir until slightly thickened.

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