Local Hive & PACE Team Up for Black Friday


Over the years, our partnership with our good friends at PACE (Pollinator Awareness through Conservation and Education) has proven the perfect pairing of honey producers and honey advocates. And this year, we’re teaming up to sweeten your Black Friday like never before.

During Black Friday weekend––Friday, November 23rd through Tuesday, November 27th––you’ll get 25% off your purchase of $35 or more from our online store.

Now’s your chance to snag the sweetest gift––and deal––of the season. If you’re hosting for the holidays, you can give your out-of-town guests a taste of home with their varietal or welcome them with honey from right in your backyard.

Not only does honey make a great gift, it can sweeten up a variety of holiday recipes. Just for starters, check out a few of our favorite honey-based recipes:

Or, to create your own unique holiday treat, you can replace the sugar in almost any recipe with honey. (Here are some helpful tips on how.)

For our Black Friday special offer, as always, a portion of profits will go to PACE, helping to promote and protect pollinators all around the world. PACE helps maintain habitat gardens to give pollinators a home and educates adults and children around the country on how to protect their local pollinators.

Besides honey, pollination is the greatest gift bees give. From large farms to local flora, pollinators are vital to the reproduction of native plants and food sources. In fact, it’s estimated that one out of every three bites of food eaten worldwide is a result of pollinators. In the years to come, pollinators will only need more human help to thrive, and PACE is leading the charge.

Our extended Black Friday deal gives back to you and the bees. You get a buzzworthy discount, and they get much-needed help from PACE to keep producing delicious honey for decades to come. Head over to view our products and shop through the online store and grab the sweetest deal of the season all weekend long.

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