Mint Julep Sweetened with Southeast Honey


Whether it's Derby Weekend or just a random summer Friday, those cravings for a sweet Mint Julep can hit at any time.

But the secret to making a Mint Julep like a true Southern gentleman or lady isn't just a matter of picking the perfect Kentucky bourbon: it's making a mint julep with honey.

How you sweeten your cocktail can completely change its flavor. Choose an authentic, raw & unfiltered Southern honey like one of these to add a smooth, floral sweetness to round out the mint and bourbon:

Do different honeys really taste that different?

Absolutely! Depending on which flowers bees pollinate, the honey they make can taste radically different: flowery or grassy, mild or intense, light or dark. Every Local Hive Honey has a unique flavor thanks to the local pollen and nectar inside.

Our Southeast honey is floral, confectionary and tangy. When we say "confectionary," think sweet like cake frosting or cotton candy. That makes it perfect for making a mint julep with honey.

Our Florida honey is floral, intense and bright. If you've only ever had "bear-bottle" honey, you'll notice a distinctly rich honey flavor — something every cocktail can benefit from. 

Our Texas honey is complex, bold and warm. You'll notice distinct layers of funky flowery flavors beyond just the sweetness, which can lend your homemade honey cocktail a more elevated taste.

100 Years of 100% U.S. Honey

This honey cocktail recipe is part of our #100waystousehoney series, celebrating 100 years of 100% U.S. honey with honey hacks, honey tips, and honey recipes.

Throughout 2024, you can shop our limited-edition 1924 Golden Age Wildflower honey blend. It's an exclusive, 100% U.S. wildflower honey blend with a mellow, but flowery taste.

Now, let's make a Mint Julep with honey. 


10-12 mint leaves + mint sprig for garnish
2oz bourbon
1-2oz Local Hive Honey
Crushed ice


1. Pluck 10-12 mint leaves, depending on their size. Express the mint leaves by clapping with them between your hands.

2. Add mint leaves to metal serving cup. Add bourbon. Muddle mint leaves in bourbon.

3. In a separate small dish, dilute honey in 2-4 tsp hot water. Stir thoroughly. Add to metal serving cup.

4. Fill cup 2/3rds with crushed ice. Stir. Top with more ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint leaves.

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